Behaviour Tree - Move To does not work properly


I am facing a problem with the Move To task in my behaviour tree. The character rotates, and only moves a couple of coordinates when the Move To task is executed. The coordinates are updated for each iteration, and the task seems to be executed since it uses some time to complete the task before starting over.
Attached is my BT and the task that sets the coordinates the character should move to.

Thanks for any help or guidance!

My debugging attempt would be:

  1. Press play and look while game is playing at your BT. You can see which node is currently handled

  2. Print your random reachable point and your character location. Do both of them update correctly?

Everything seems to work correctly as far as I can see. The BT executes all the tasks in the sequnce, the character rotates in diffent directions, but does not move.

Did you change the “200” value? The Move To has a tolerance, don’t know how much exactly, so maybe the new location is in this tolerance. If you set it to 5000 or so, what happens then?

Oh, and did you set your nav mesh? But without that he wouldn’t rotate … hmm…

Got it working. I deleted the character I had in the scene, and added a new one from the same Blueprint, which seems to fix the issue. Have absolutely NO idea why though. Thanks for your inputs! :slight_smile: