Behavioral Tree or Regular Blue Print?

I Would like to know which would be easier to set up?

Because i’m trying to setup a Simple AI to shoot at a Target. there is going to be Four Turrets that will Hopefully shoot randomly one at a time at the target.

Any " Input or Know How " would be greatly appreciated because i’m terrible at the BluePrint side of Unreal lol…

The Box Represents the Target that doesn’t move, and the four spheres represent the AI Turrets and the turrets don’t move either they just shoot directly at the Target.

Doing it in a plain Blueprint is much easier to setup if you are not already familiar with the Behavior Trees. But, everything you do will kind of be a one off. If you need several different AI’s taking the time to setup Behavior Trees will help you be more organized and is worth the effort.

There’s a complete framework already done for you to work within using hte Behavior Trees, if it offers what you need its a good choice.

So it is possible to set up AI using just plain blueprints?

And would i need to input delays so that they don’t shoot at the same time?

I wouldn’t recommend handling AI in blueprints. Blueprints are very limited in what can be done with AI, and Behavior Trees are pretty simple. I watched the first 3 partss of the Game Ready AI training streams, and am fully confident in using Behavior Trees.

I completely Disagree that it’s limited what you can do with Blueprints for AI. You can create and implement any system you want, especially when you back it with C++.

In my Cat / Lazer pointer game I utilize a Utility System in both C++ and Blueprints for decision making. It is a choice. If it is Behavior Tree that you need and works best for your Agents then yes, just use the built in System, but that is not the only model for how to simulate AI and decision making by any means.

@If this is the only part in his project that needs some AI and it’s not an entire game system, and he’s not a programmer etc. etc… then, just doing what is needed in a simple Blueprint is maybe a better course for him. There is no limitation other than your imagination.

Yea, the turrets are the only AI in the game. and i’m falling behide schedule because i’m stuck on this portion because like i said earlier me and blueprints don’t get along Lol… But i guess i’m just getting confused because several people have given me some advice and how to do it. And each persons way is different from the others.

Thats the thing with programming. You are given tools and you can use those tools however you want to get the job done. There is no “one right way” to do anything. Just the way thats “rigth for you”.