Behavior tree skipping up and down, causing a lot of lag.

Hi Guys,

Been following a tutorial on Udemy for a few months on an off. Basically learning how to create and manage AI behavior, like patrolling, chasing, shooting, etc…

I have 2 AI guards in this small test level, walking around. When I walk in to their perception bubbles, everything works as expected. They come towards me, play the shooting animation, if I hide they lose sight and investigate the location, and if all else, they just go back to patrolling.

However, when I add in the function OnFire(), a C++ class I’m calling from blueprint, which came with the FirstPersonCharacter class included in the first person starter content, I get serious lag, and the behavior tree starts going back and forth between actions. I included a YouTube video of my setup and the issue. And can include my project files as well.

Any insight would be appreciated!