Behavior Tree Quick Start Guide - controller is not working properly

Ciao everyone!

I’ve been following this guide:

The only one difference in my setup from guide’s setup section is that I didn’t use Character blueprint from 3rd person starter content, I instead created my own (Add Blueprint -> select so that type is Character).

I have bound AIController to be my custom Controller that is extending AIController base class.

For some reason I can’t get any output from OnTargetPerceptionUpdated or from EventOnPossess. This is breaking everything that comes after it through the guide I’ve attached.

What could possibly go wrong in this case? (I have tried to look it up, found out that most of the cases you might have issues with NavMeshBoundVolume, but in my case it’s not)

Thanks in advance, P.

P.S. if it does matter, I’m using Twin Stick Shooter template with starter content.

I actually have resolved this issue by using Character from ThirdPerson starter content. Otherwise when creating my own Character I couldn’t get it working properly (tho I have checked each step in docs like 5 times)

Hi I followed this guide step by step today and when I start the enemy stays still and does not patrol … Only if he sees me does he start running … Otherwise it remains stationary and does not patrol. How is it possible?
My version of Unreal is 4.23.1

Afaik it should patrol, have you tried removing **ChasePlayer **node from BT_Enemy?

Update: I have tried to remove it and I see that indeed it does **not **patrol.

hello I solved yesterday by following this series of tutorials !! really well done, it makes you understand all the steps well and it works well for me.