Behavior tree becomes inactive after GameMode logic runs


I am undertaking a course where I try to create a simple twin stick top down shooter prototype. I have scripted the enemy logic including its AI as intend. It runs to the character and starts attacking it. It works whenever I add the model to the level by drug and drop. However, when I scripted the enemy’s respawn logic using TargetPoint class it passes but a respawned enemy doesn’t have an active behavior tree so it doesn’t move.

Enemy AI script: Screenshot - 652c7b1aab7a4395c9c60466d93500af - Gyazo

Respawn sequence: Screenshot - 81ceff6b07b88454b774a2dffcae475a - Gyazo

The tree: Screenshot - 97d14746953f20e38867a4b75bd895ee - Gyazo