Beginners question - Rotate multiple objects around one point


As a test I try to animate a 3D model I made in the past. In Unity I can add an empty, move the objects to the right place, make the empty parent of the objects and the empty is the place where the objects are rotate around.

When I try to do this in Unreal, the following is happening (I couldn’t find an empty, so I added a cube as parent):

The objects are all rotating from another point.

How can I let all the objects rotate around one point?

Another beginners question:
For the lighting I use a Spherical HDRI. As a background I simply want a white color (like the Unity example above). Is this possible?

Thanks in advance,

Create a blueprint based on actor, add your meshes and parent them to the Scene root component.
When you then rotate the actor, everything will be as expected :slight_smile:

Or even add a Rotator component to the blueprint itself.

Thank KVogler!
It seems to work