Beginners problems with materal blend in landscape

I’m hoping someone can help with what is probably something basic that I’ve missed. I have generated a landscape in world machine at resolution 505x505, I then imported the height map into unreal engine 4.24 without any issues. I am now trying to generate the basis of the materials using a master material (screenshot included). However all I end up with is a black material in the viewport, I generated a basic colour map in world machine again at 505 resolution using just the primary colours. I scaled up the uv-coordinates to 505 as per one of the tutorials I saw.
Have I missed something or doing it totally wrong? At the moment Im just after seeing the 3 primary colour on my map which will then be swapped out for individual materials.
Any help would be very much appreiated

The height that’s being talked about in landscape heightmaps ( what you’re trying to do with your texture ) is the difference in relative height between layers in a painted landscape. It’s not the absolute height in world coordinates.

If you want to put colors in like this and have it come out red for peaks etc, that’s called an auto-material. Totally different thing. The nodes you’re using are for this:…als/index.html

IE, not the absolute height of the land.