Beginners difficulty with light trigger in Simulation

Hi everybody,

I just got started with Unreal Engine 4 and I’m having some difficulties with the basics.

I created an point light and a Trigger Volume in my scene. Using Blueprint with the Toggle Visibility Component and the On Actor Begin Overlap Component I want the light to turn on/off when I’m entering/leaving the Trigger Volume.

So far so good. This works great when I press the Play Button Menu and in the modes pick „Selected Viewport“. However when I’m trying to use „Simulate“ (or Alt + S) nothing happens. If the light is by default visible it stays on the entire time, and if its by default off I can’t trigger it on.

I suspect some setting within the simulation but I just can’t figure out whats the problem.

Thanks for any help in advance!

When you simulate, there is no character spawned, then nothing can overlap your trigger.

THX for your reply!!!

Is there a way I can change that or is in an simulation always no character spawned??? I guess I’m not quite sure what the purpose of “Simulate” vs “Selected Viewport” is ?!?!

Here is a full explanation : and In-Editor Testing (Play & Simulate) | Unreal Engine Documentation