Beginner Rotate via RInterpTo question

Hi. So I’d like to smoothly rotate my pawn from it’s current rotation to a new rotation. This used to work fine in UDK, but I can’t get it to work in C++:

ATutorialCodeCharacter* MyCharacter = Cast<ATutorialCodeCharacter>(UGameplayStatics::GetPlayerPawn(this, 0));
MyCharacter->FaceRotation(FMath::RInterpTo(pPawnRot, MyRightStickRotator, DeltaTime, LegsRotationSpeed), DeltaTime);

If I use SetActorRotation like so:


then it instantly snaps.

Any ideas please?


This works for me:

YourActor->SetActorRotation(FMath::RInterpTo(StartRot, TargetRot, GetWorld()->GetDeltaSeconds(), Speed));

thanks honaj, I realised I had my rotation speed really really fast.

If you’ve got a sec could you help me with this one please?