Beginner questions, should i stick with it or search for someone?

Hello! First of all I’m sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

So the story is that me and my friend want to make games but we don’t have any experience in coding before. I’m a fresh graduate audio engineer right now studying abroad in Japan and he’s an animation student. It’s a pretty standard story xD and then I decided that maybe I could try to learn the coding or blueprints.

Completed almost all of Unreal’s YT channel’s massive tutorials, but in the end I guess I just don’t get the enjoyments behind codings. I found myself enjoying writing things (And yes I’m the type that play games for the story regardless of the gameplay xD), and game designing in-between doing the tutorials though!

So here’s my question to the veterans here, should I just stick with it? Even when I don’t enjoy it. Or should I search for a coder? Which was a recommended option by an app-developer friend.

Thank you and cheers!:slight_smile:

While I might not be a veteran, my advice would be to find another person to do the coding. If you don’t enjoy it then you won’t be as motivated to do it. I personally love programming and coding, I really enjoy it. Sometimes I will just start coding for fun, not even making anything substantial. On the other hand I am capable at 3D modelling, 3D animation, and texturing. However I don’t really enjoy these. Yes sometimes I will have fun doing them but most of the time I would rather be programming.

So I would recommend that you find somebody else if you don’t enjoy it. Stick to what you love and let somebody else do what they love.

Hi all

welcome Zglar

I’m new myself but I have learned some come programming Don’t like it like I thought I would.
Right now I’m a one Man team I can’t do it all And get my game out in a reasonable time. (100 years if I had to do all the coding) Love blueprints tho great help.) I’ll do what I can, for the little stuff but in the end
I’m be looking for a coder. (hiring or freelance.)

just you and your one friend, don’t thing you can do it all in a reasonable time? could be wrong.

are you doing 3D or 2D game?

if you doing 2D and can pick up coding quick and fast you my be able to get away with out a coder? or just freelance what you do need done.

My 2 cents. Like I said It’s a point of view from a new guy.

Good Luck.

That last sentence really struck me lol but my worry is that more people means more troubles in managing it. Especially when we’re all beginners.
But I hope will find someone that fits!

Hi! Hmm probably my ultimate goal for now is to be able to make simple 2D RPG game!
Yeah maybe if I can’t find someone, will try to search for like freelancers and such
Thanks for giving your opinion!

More people will always mean that it will be more difficult to manage, but it is up to you to decide whether you want to have a little more trouble managing or if you want to do the programming. But as I said I recommend that you find someone.

Just be careful Zglar, freelancers are expensive in the programming field. Good-luck!

Hi Zglar

I am in a very similar situation to yourself. I am from a 3d animation background and decided to go it alone with an idea I had ( a VR education resource not a game).

It has been a massive struggle but I have managed to pretty much do everything I needed in blueprints for my project, and my project is pretty unique compared to the average video game so I had to do a lot of improvisation! Also I started with zero knowledge of scripting or coding.

I think some of us maybe have a more ‘artistic’ frame of mind than a ‘logical’ one needed for coding or visual scripting and I for one struggled a lot at the beginning. However if you do persevere with it it actually is pretty rewarding when stuff comes together and you might actually find you enjoy it!