Beginner Question

I’m learning the basics of C++ on code::blocks. But I see that Unreal Engine uses Visual Studio as their IDE. If I learn most of the things on code::blocks, will I be able to transfer that knowledge on to Visual Studio? Or does the syntax change between IDEs.

Hi Monkeeyo!

The syntax doesn’t change - C++ is standardized - so everything you know about the language will transfer just fine. You should definitely grab a copy of Visual Studio here: Visual Studio Community 2019 - Free IDE and Developer Tools …and get started.

Good luck and welcome.

Thanks. Is UE compatible with code::blocks?

Maybe theoretically possible to use code::blocks, I’m not sure, but there’s a whole toolchain built around VS that automates a lot of things, so I’d strongly recommend using that instead, to avoid unnecessary headaches. If you’re developing on a windows machine, you should definitely go for VS.