Beginner Question on Rendering (with Raytracing) - Project imported from Twinmotion


I have been using Twinmotion and came over to UE in order to have raytracing. Thus I have started with an ArchiVis project, enabled raytracing and used Datasmith to import the Twinmotion project.

There is a lot of “noise” in the images, that is also running around like ants. I have marked it out in a couple of screenshot, e.g. in the grass, the window blindes. Does anyone know what is causing this or how to get rid of this? There are so many settings, that I frankly don’t even know where to start.

Then I have some textures that have a high contrast, that is also not there in Twinmotion. This can be seen in the wood of the wardrobe (left = UE, right = Twinmotion) Any ideas on what could be causing this.

Thanks a lot for your input and support. I appreciate any idea.

Hi, have you built the scene yet?

or did you accidently change the scalability settings?

set to High or above level to get normal qualities.


Thanks for the answer. I have everything on epic and built the scene. Although I have to say that the build always is quite quick.

However I think I found the main issues.
One was that I changed from Temporal AA to MSAA.

The other problem is raytracing noise, where I found a good video on youtube. it seems that i also have global illumination noise. if i increase the quality with more samples per pixel, some of the noise also goes away. however at a high cost in fps.

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