Beginner question - Minimal_Default statue glass material

Hi guys,

I’m sure this will be an easy question for you. I’d appreciate a hint!

When I run the Minimal_default level, my glass statue looks very different to what I see in all other people’s screenshots / vids. Very flat, as though it has no reflections and only a slight amount of refraction. It doesn’t resemble glass at all. Screenshot attached.

I have not changed any settings since installing the engine (latest version 4.7.1) - what could be the problem?


Check your quality settings -> settings - scalability settings - change them to epic :slight_smile:

Thank you !

Great to know about these settings. :smiley: However, it seems like mine were already on Epic:


The glass looks better in shadow with some BSP around it:


But out in the open, it’s like it doesn’t ‘catch’ any real reflection off the sky-sphere or directional light… (see first screenshot)

By the way, here is an example of the result I’m after.

Any other ideas would be super-welcome!