Beginner Question about Character Movement

Hi, I’ve been building a small first-person game for a university project. One issue I’m having is that my character essentially flies around in space. They can move through the air at will and I don’t want that. I want my character to be stuck to the ground for movement, but I have no idea how to do that. Maybe I missed some simple beginner tutorial that explains this, but at the moment, I can’t find information.

I think setting gravity or locking movement on the Z axis on my character would do the trick, but I have no idea how to edit those attributes. The closest to the character actor I can find is “PlayerActor” and it doesn’t have those settings. I have no idea why my first person game doesn’t seem to have an actor. I’m going off of the default settings with starter content. Do I need to add a separate actor to control or what?

You might want to start with the First Person template and not just the standard starter content.

Having your player be affected by gravity would be a good start, but they’ll also need a collider and a floor to collide against.

Its hard to know exactly what to suggest since there’s no way to know where you’re at already, however it does sound like you’d really benefit from starting with a more developed template, and or taking in a lot of the tutorial information over on the Unreal Engine’s YouTube channel.

I feel I’m too far to use a template. My game is pretty much done barring this and a few other small issues.