Beginner Problems on VIVE

Hello everyone,

I have a couple of problems.
I started to make a game and wanted it to be playable in VR (HTC Vive) and with a standard monitor.
So i decided to make a PlayerCharacter and to blueprints which inherit from it. The one for VR and the other for a normal gameplay.

Is this the right technique to support both, VR and normal monitor?

Then I got an other problem.
In my VR-Character the root-capsule is stocked in the center position of my chaperone, even when i am walking around.

How can I attach the root-capsule to my HMD position without moving the chaperone?


Are you using the guides for setting up for SteamVR?

This one may help also:

Im still learning the particulars of building for VR, have not yet made anything that gives the player a choice of control scheme but will be getting into that very soon so I am hoping you do not run into major issues.

Good luck.

As for the capsule thing, set collisions to none on the default one, add a new one and attach it to your camera component. Your collision will then follow the player.

Double post…

Yes I did. But here they used a normal Pawn as the Character, but I want it to be an instance of “Character”-Class.

I had the same idea. But in this case the Character is falling throug the floor, so no collision is handled.