Beginner: Landscape with textures form photogrammmetry: where to start?

I did some drone flights and created a mesh (and point cloud) model of a landscape and I am now trying to get it into Unreal as a landscape and I am having a really hard time.

I have no problems transforming the mesh to a heightmap that I can import into unreal, but there does not seem a way to get the existing texture onto that landscape?
I am also able to bring the mesh into Unreal, but then I hav all kinds of issues with the colission (the character keeps floating above the mesh or falls trhough it after wich unreal crashes).

I spend hours and hours on google and youtube, but I really can not find anything. Is this even possible? Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Did you ever figure this out/ This plug in seems not to be used by many. Some in depth tutorials would be great. Their website is seriously lacking information. I tried to do eye dome lighting but 4.26 is so different than the instructions I can’t get it to work, Or 4.26 broke it. I had collision working on a blank game but when I went to a 3rd person it no longer works. Of course Unreal updated in between so that may have broke it.