Beginner - Following the Tutorial Videos for Editor

I’ve been a huge Unreal fan for a long time and I’m trying to learn how to use the editor (v4.7.2). I’m following along with the editor training videos on YouTube and after 5 videos I can follow along with most of it. I’ve run into a couple snags so far like where do I find the Class Viewer? It doesn’t seem to be under the Window menu like the tutorial says. And how do I get Game content instead of only Starter Content in the Content Browser? I’m sure these have simple answers…I just couldn’t find them. I’m also aware the tutorials were probably made with an older version of the editor and some things undoubtedly changed.


Hello Kyle,
You can find Class Viewer in Top menu -> Window -> Developer Tools -> Class viewer
About everything else - check out Learn tab in Launcher - it’s scrollable and has A LOT of content, I’m pretty sure you will find something interesting to play with!

Great thank you very much!! Appreciate the quick response!

No problems!
Don’t hesitate to ask if something comes up again :slight_smile: