Beer Pong VR Game - Physics Driven

Had a lot of fun making this simple Beer Pong VR Game which is entirely physics driven.

Playing demo:

Anyone interested in a tutorial?

Is it ok to say if we’re not really that interested? That is, compared to the tutorial offer for the Drone etc… :stuck_out_tongue:
The flickering of the cups feels glitchy, maybe change material or do a Time-line / Matinee zoom-in etc?
Also, without a camera view of the table-end near the cups or ability to move around, it feels a bit limited.

@franktech Thanks for your open feedback! I am trying to understand what the community would be mostly interested in, whether it is basic topics or more advanced ones. This before I put time in sharing something none cares about. So +1 for the drone, -1 for Beer Pong. :wink:

As for the game, I like your ideas, I will add them to the next version. Cheers!