Batch unwrap?

Hey Guys,

Just looking through the list of CLI commands and I can’t find a solution to batch unwrapping. Is there another method used through CLI commands that could be used to get this same result or are there no functions made for batch unwrapping at this time?





Hello Joel Kucey,

there is a command ‘unwrap’, which can be used to calculate unwrap of a model using the current settings.



Hey Zuzana,

Thank you for letting me know. I didn’t see it in the list of CLI commands but its good to hear that there is this functionality.






Actually opening this back up. When I try to use -unwrap within my batch file, Reality Capture pops up with an error showing the list of CLI commands that are available. I just checked and I am on the latest version but this command is not working. Is the command simply -unwrap or are there more things to this?





it is not there in the current release, there is just the texture command that does the unwrap as well if your model is not textured, the separate unwrap command is already implemented and will be available with many other new commands in the next release that will be out soon