Basketball MOBA using the unreal engine

Can someone point me in the right direction in making a basketball MOBA? any info is useful

The only information I would be able to think of(Due to my own lack of personal experiencing with development on this genre) is to just play and study mobas hardcore for a month straight if you can. After that you could probably sit down and review all of your information, figure what you need to start working on, and then learn the programming/blueprinting as you go along.

A MOBA heh? All I can say is keep trying. Also try starting out small if this is your first game. I would suggest making a game in the ball templet. Then put a unique twist on it. It’s easy to do and those games are fun. Also Do you have a team to help you with your MOBA? Those types of games can take quite a bit of time to make.

lool what is a basketball moba?