Basic Setup: POV sitting in pre-animated FBX vehicle

hey folks,

I’m stuck. For my VR experience I need the Player to sit in a pre-animated Vehicle (from 3ds max via FBX).
I tried to figure out the basic approach how to link the HMD to the vehicle (and also it’s rotation). Because even if the vehicle makes turns, we should always look towards the front of it.

My approach:

First, I created a Camera socket inside the imported fBX linked to the desired bone.
Then, I created a character blueprint like this:

In the level blueprint i tried to attach the character to the vehicle by seeting it’s position “on event tick”:

But that does not get me to look in the direction of travel, but always “north”.

I have the feeling that my thinking is much too complicated.
Maybe there’s a much easier way to attach the HMD to my Vehicle and always inherit it’s rotation.

For my purpose, I’m using the Oculus Rift without the webcam-like position tracking device.

Would be very happy if someone prevents me from getting seriously crazy.
Oli Kubus