Basic RPG Systems, advice needed!

Hey guys!

Since this is my first post on this forum, I kindly apologize for any dumb questions or such.

So, me and a few friends are trying to create a mini-RPG to develope some universal tools and scripts and to practise workflow.
Since I am new to Blueprints and UMG (and UE4 in general actually), I’m kinda stuck with some basic things.

The first thing I really wanna do is create a basic inventory, pickup and equipment, as well as a basic branching dialogue/quest system (á la Gothic III or The Witcher II/III).
Does anybody know any good tutorials or can provide a basic idea of how that would work.
It doesn’t need to be anything fancy or so, just some framework for me to further work on and develop my skills, tho I’d glady accept more, if anybody is willing to do such a thing.
I’m not a programmer, just a level designer and composer, but I really want to dive into the Blueprint system.

Thanks in advance!


A good place to start might be this tutorial series on making an inventory with pickups (

Mostly use google and youtube, almost everything is there. Also online documentation and implemented tutorials are good too. After you are familiar with UE4 interface and want create some inventory system I found this one pretty usefull “