Basic questions, changing properties of existing items and making the game accept my new values.

Hello everyone,

I have some basic questions. I want to start with a rebalance of tek-items, as I find them unsatisfying to use. While I have found a great number of tutorials on how to create new assets and add them, I have yet to find one on how to mod existing files. So let’s get to it:

As an example, I want to change the tek rifle. I change the durability use per shot from 0.5 to 0.01 and the ammo clip size from 50 to 100 in the Weaptekrifle blueprint.

  • To edit an existing file, do I have to simply-copy/paste it into my mod directory and change the values I want to change?

  • How do I manage that the game, after having changed the values of standard game items in my mod folder, uses my new values?

  • Which file do I have to put into my mod? Only the edited one or also all connected to them (tekrifleprojectile for example)?

Also, if anyone has a tutorial on how to do anything close to the above mentioned things, I’d be very thankful.