Basic Blueprint Breakout

For the release of a videotutorial series im doing, ive created a prototype for a very very basic breakout game, you can see the game itself here:

The project its free to download, no license, so you can see how its made.
Get it from github: GitHub - vblanco20-1/BlueprintBreakout: Very basic breakout game made enterely in UE4 blueprints

The game doesnt have a pawn, the borders are BSP cubes scaled, the paddle, ball and block are just very basic actors. Game score and lives its handled on the Breakout game mode blueprint, while the interface its on the breakoutMenu UMG class.
No textures, all materials are just emmisive colours above 1.0, so they shine. No sound, models, or textures make this a extremelly small game. Made with UE4.9.
Im working now on doing a making-of videotutorial, building this from scratch and explaining along the way. After the blueprint one, ill make the exact same, but using C++, as a very basic intro.