Basic Beginning Questions, Tools etc


so I have a question that seems more to be a phylosophical or a “matter of taste” question, and I want to hear your opinions.

So I have learned my basic skills in blender as modelling tool for meshes and unreal engine the last months and now I feel ready to create my own small level. My goal is, to make a digital version of my flat. I have created the most objects like furniture, computer, tv, the kitchen and so on. And now I have a battle with myself, how to begin.

So what is your opinion or what is the common way for this question:
Would you build the footprint of the flat, the walls with the doorholes, the holes for the windows and the ceiling as a whole mesh in Blender (I have the doors, windows and the Doorcases as single meshes, why the doorcases? I live in an old house and that are very nice old wooden doorcases), or would you build each wall as a single wall in blender and put them together in unreal as single objects?

So I had one thought:
“Every object which should be movable as an individual, have to be build as a single mesh”
Whith that thought I would build a complete “raw” version of my flat in blender and then I would place my textures, materials and objects in unreal.

Thank you for your help!
have a nice day

I think you have answered yourself, which is well within the bounds of philosophy.
Feel free to post other fundamental questions about existence or the nature of reality.


(Reading around the forum, it does seem that anything you may want to change or edit in future is best meshed individually, if I understand it correctly)

Generally, it’s better to build a set of modular pieces (walls, etc.) using grid snapping, and then assemble them in the engine like lego blocks :slight_smile: - but if you make something specific (like your flat in this case) you might want to create a whole base in Blender. Especially, if you want to have the same dimensions (walls length, thickness, etc.) as in you real flat. If you have some ‘special’ elements, like curved/unusual built walls, etc. it will be more flexible to do this in 3d app, where you can adjust every vertex. So in your case, it depends if your flat has a rather simple shape, or not.