basic 3d side scroller enemy movement

Hey, a while back I got the tip to create Side Scroller enemy Ai as logic movement scripted actor and not a propper AI. And i am trying to create the most basic of basic enemies, think of the Red turtles from mario or the Skelletons from Castlevania. The ones that just walk about, and if they hit a wall or deathpit they turn around and walk back where they came from. I kinda got the “Walking untill hitting a hole in ground and stop” part down, but I cant seem to make em turnaround and walk back, my enemy just stops and takes a breather.
I am using Blueprints and are not in any way a coder, i just use logic and experiment to learn, so this is what i got so far, could any one nudge me in a good direction?

And in the spirit of learning, is there a tutorial on making simple enemies like this ive should have known about?