BaseScalability.ini is missing !

I´m new to unreal, please be patient :slight_smile:
So I wanted to start tweaking the scalablity settings. The manual referes to the BaseScalability.ini in the engine / config folder. But to my surprise, there is no such file. I find a lot of other base inis, but not the wanted one.
Maybe I should mention that I have to meddle with an already existing project, so I have no idea how it was setup. There is, however, the DefaultScalability.ini in the project folder. But changing the settings seems to do nothing.

Can someone help ?

In addition:
For a test I have deleted the defaultscalablity.ini in the project folder. So now I don´t have any of the two files. But still I can switch the scale settings in the editor. So things are loaded from a file. But what file and where is is ?