Base Actor Issue.

I have been trying to create a Base actor BP with a simple scene component as the root, So that I can have either a static mesh component or a skeletal mesh Component added below it. I have seen this done in quite a few other setups Including the robo recall mod kit & weapon master.
This allows me to use either a skeletal mesh or static mesh in the following child BP’s and also allow me to freely adjust the position of the mesh inside the BP’s As apposed to the fixed location If I used either a static mesh actor or skeletal mesh actor as my base actor.

Unfortunately every time I try this Using the Default Pickup cube Logic and pointing the target to either mesh component I am having issues with physics or not being able to pick Items up or even drop them.
It seems impossible to set the scene root as the root.

Hope this made sense, its a tricky area to describe :frowning:

Wondering what I am missing? to pull this off

Guessing here, but sounds like it could be due to collisions settings. Did you check that your BP is similar setup as ie. in the mentioned Robo call project?

Already ran the comparisons.
I found that none of them were simulating physics , just gravity.
I copied the same setup and made a basic actor BP And added a static mesh component.
I was able to pick up the item but once I dropped It simulated physics & I was Unable to pick it up again :frowning:
I think the issue is something to do with the root, Maybe it is still attached but the mesh is just simulating physics, Compared to using a static mesh actor BP where the mesh is also the root.
I cant seem to find a method to detatch the scene component root from its parent ( EG Motion controllers) if this is the case ?