Ball tilt problem

Hello all!

I am relatively new to unreal engine and I am trying to learn it by creating simple driving game, where instead of a car, you are controlling ball in 3rd person. Problem is that U4 engine simulates physics correctly and I don’t know how to break them :). What I want to achieve is: spring arm with camera tilts according to surface (example: when you drive a car in driving game and road goes up the mountain, camera angle shifts together with cars body and it is not on the same axis as world, however, spheres don’t do that, they always face straight forward, my ball pawns spring arm in either rotating together with ball itself or strictly attached to pawn controller (world X;Y;Z) and can’t change dynamically according to environment. This leads to camera facing IN mountain, when trying to climb it, not top of mountain.
I already tried different options to go around it, most obvious was to add invisible block beneath Ball and let it react to changes in environment, however, that disables possibility to use Torque for movement and ball itself becomes useless, also collisions are not according to ball anymore :frowning:

If am sorry, if my problem wasn’t 100% understandable. Here are some real life examples with EUC: EUC TORQUE Comparison for Marty! 14" vs 16" vs 18" vs 22" Wheels climbing hills !!! (25*, 30*, 35*) - YouTube (reacts as ball does now, something I want to change) What I want to achieve, is for camera to act like when vehicle tilts according to angle of enviroment (basicly every other type of vehicle with more than 1 wheel)

Thanks in advance for your support!

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