Ball and socket BP + car damage

Good Evening all,

i followed this tutorials,, My First question is how could i use a Ball and Socket (Physics Constraint Actor) as a blueprint? as with the above tutorial you do not have the mesh(vehicle) in the scene so you can not select it by draging a (Physics Constraint Actor) into the scene.

What i am trying to do is have a car pull a trailer, I have set a towbar on the back of the car with a bone and that is seen in the scene, if i drag the car mesh and trailer in to the scene and attach the towbar and towhitch to the (Physics Constraint Actor) i see the connecting lines.

Or is this the best way to try and make a working towhitch? i can not find any tutorials on this.

My Second Question is; how could i make a car “damage/bend” i dont mind if it is realtime damage or if it is modeled i have looked at morph targets and i have one on my car but was never able to work out how to make it work so if anyone has any nice little tutorials or any better ways i can do this i would be very happy!

Many Thanks for taking the time reading this post as i can not wait to enjoy making this mini game!