baking lightmaps when working with streaming levels?


How can I bake the lightmaps when I have multiple streaming levels. I have an apartment with 4 rooms. I want each room to be separate streaming level, but since the same wall separates two rooms, which room should get the wall. Thus raises the question if one streaming level is missing the wall, lightmass will calculate the light all wrong.

So what is the right way of going about in such situations, but still using streaming levels.



Can someone help me, I’m really struggling to get the right workflow.

When you use lightmass with streaming levels you should bake the lighting with all sub-levels visible. During gameplay you can then safely show and hide them without worrying about the lighting.

Are you sure you need sub-levels in this case though? Unless your rooms are incredibly detailed I would not expect it to be very relevant in such a small environment.

Thank you Arnage for the explanation.

I just made a quick example to demonstrate the problem I have. I need the streaming level workflow, so more people can work on the same apartment at the same time.