Baked static spotlight "pixelated" in Unreal Engine 4.27

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a scene and the “cone” under every baked spotlight seems pixelated.

I tried many things but nothing worked.
Is it caused by the quality of my ExponentialHeightFog ? Any ideas ? :confused:


Static lights bake all of their volumetrics into the volumetric lightmap which is extremely low resolution, it can’t capture any meaningful detail. In order to get something more precise you will need to use a stationary or moveable spotlight.

Even then you may find the result is not as sharp as you might like, because volumetric fog is also limited by its own resolution.

For most realtime projects, the best way to do light shafts is to use camera facing (or cone-shaped) geometry with material effects instead of real volumetrics.

I already tried that but I didn’t think it would be the solution! x)
Thanks for clarifying this point !