Baked lights situations with blueprint ?

Sorry for lots of saying Baked but i nearly go crazy because of that unknown .
How to solve that issue ? is it possible or have to use moveable lights , witout taking bake ?

my english isn’t good but let me explain my aim :

I want user to create wherever he want to create on map and when it is daytime , lights should be turn off and when it is night lights which belongs to house should be turn on and it has to be baked because of FPS rate . i don’t want to use moveable light much or middle option in unreal engine and layers working well if lights belong to world but on my situation lights belong to buildings and user can create them wherever they want to .
so basicly my question is , is it possible lights to bake on meshes and can i turn them on and off on their situations ?
like in photo ,

daytime = turn off
night = turn on
if destroyed while night = turned off

rule = bake lighting