Baked lighting issue

Hi guys,

There should be a newb section for goobers like me…

Any idea what’s going on here? I’m assuming it is a problem with my mesh, but I am not sure what. The shadows are backing on incorrectly.

Take a look at this site, there you can find common light problems + solution: ://www.worldofleveldesign/categories/udk/udk-lightmaps-05-common-problems-solutions.php

Looks like bad UV map. Try increasing the resolution or reimport if after UVing them again.

Thanks, guys. Tried to build a better UV map, seems to have worked. The black patchiness is gone.

New problem: Weird cast shadows. I feel my UV maps are pretty solid, this is on production level lighting:

Lightmap resolution is probably too low.

Agreed. It is likely that there is not enough resolution for the distance field shadows to recreate that wooden beam, so it is breaking it up into a series of triangles. In 99% of cases, distance field shadows drastically improve shadow quality and sharpness. In cases where the geometry casting shadow is thinner than the shadow resolution, it creates issues like that unfortunately because certain pixels get too far from the actual shadow.

Cool! How do I increase the resolution of my UV map? I’m using modo, I don’t see that option anywhere.

You can increase the lightmap res. in the static mesh editor -> the base value is 32, so just increase it to e.g 128 and see what happens :wink:

Alternatively, you can override the resolution on each staticmeshactor placed in the world. Just click a mesh, go to the details panel and expand the Lighting tab. Check the box to override the resolution and then type the new size.

We often fine tune the shadow resolution per mesh in the level when it comes to ship time because we don’t want to cut other thing that contribute to the scene. Any mesh that doesn’t have detailed shadows on it will get a much lower resolution. Sometimes we even do crazy things like use a 4x4 or 8x8 lightmap. As long as the lighting conditions are relatively low-frequency, it is surprising how well it works. Because your wood panels look like they have some decent height to them, this mesh may just not handle low resolutions well. Over time you will get a feel for that. Sometimes there are certain “hero pieces” that have detailed geometry and require more resolution no matter what.