Baked lighting in a BP that gets loaded in another map

Hi guys, I’m trying to have a set of BP that contain static meshes, and I load this sets into another level and randomize them. Is there a way I can bake lighting into these BP and then when they get loaded into another map they still keep the bake lighting information?

Bake the lighting into a texture using your DCC app. This is your only option unless you use level streaming or lighting scenarios.

The lighting data is stored with the map, so the only way to load in something with lighting data is to stream that other map in.

But if the tile or BP gets loaded in a random position in the other map, will this work?

It should work, but you have to load in the actual map, not he Blueprint by itself.

Ok, I’ll try that then, I guess now I’ll have to see how to do that streaming lol. Thanks a bunch for pointing me into the right direction!