Baked and Dynamic Lighting together in UE5 ?

I wanted to use a mix of both baked lighting (for interior lamps etc., that don’t need any modification. They will be stationary, not static, for Shadows to look decent when the player moves) and dynamic lighting (for exterior lamps that turn off during night time or flash light attached to the player’s gun).

Is it possible to use them both? I only found answers that are from UE5 release time 1 year ago and according to them it’s not possible since we need to disable Lumen and Nanite.
What must I do. I have a good amount of lights in my scene and I want to optimize them even more. I realized that not every light needs to be movable but then the “lighting needs to be built” prompt came in.
Is there a change/update that I’m missing out?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.