Bake static mesh to landscape LOD

I’m trying to use complex of level streaming with cull volume + baked LOD. How it looks like: I’m close to object => it’s rendering, i’m far from object => and it’s disappearing (culling), also if there pre-generated landscape LOD with baked static mesh - when i far i see that object as a part of landscape LOD.

I generating LOD in level details, it pretty simple buuut… it’s not working - after generation there no any changes, landscape and static meshes just not affected by generated lods.

kk, i got it (even better) :stuck_out_tongue:
let’s test:

It’s a 4km distance of streaming levels and same high-detailed static mesh in different scales, that reducing and became low poly LOD

x200 is damaged, it shows that i can’t to scale tree x200 (so much wanna:)
x2 thees barely visible (because it’s really huge distance) but it visible, and so that’s what i want
all other scales looks pretty good, buuut…

Level unload line shows, how landscape reducing. Thats made to completely safe low poly count and safe good visible picture in level where player is. playing)

So, trees. x200 bad reduced (because of damage? to hell it) x2 and x10 trees poly become close to nothing (achieved) x50 trees start to reduce at only very far distance (so this way world will reduce something that big as 50 trees at 4km and more distance. i think it’s screen-space’s work)

So, what i get - now i can plant huge forest with x2-x10 trees anywhere. also can to go walk in it )