Bake animation with overwrite

Hi. I would like to point a missing feature. While having a skeleton and a control rig and animating it inside the editor using sequencer, there is an option to bake animation sequence, but it doesn’t allow to overwrite previous animation. There should be an option to overwrite existing animation or even better to replace only keys and leave notifies and curves unchanged. It would allow to create, modify, correct animations inside editor.

Currently the editor refuses to overwrite animations.

There is also an option to export to fbx and reimport later but virtual bones are lost.


I believe you are supposed to create a “linked anim sequence” for this or not? just a guess from looking at the toolkit today.

I don’t know what is “linked anim sequence” at this point - I am not so deep into the engine yet. I just wanted to rebake animations what is impossible now. I decided to delete virtual bones, use real bones and use fbx export.