Bad twinkles on my texture (video)

Hello everyone,

My structure who carry my lamp is twinkling and i don’t understand why.

You can see a tree next to the structure, and it’s exactly the same texture.

Here the video

Thank you so much,

If you look scene in Unlit mode does it disappear? I think it’s shadow flickering.

Hello Kalle_H, in unlit mode the material is all black.

I have a video you can find below, is there something I make wrong ?

EDIT : I think I found where the problem come from. You can see in this new video that “default texture sizes” doesn’t make any “sparkles”. When I use the “tiles” tool to have a better resolution it makes sparkles.

Do you know any solution ?


Maybe your normal map is too detailed and the AA is causing this flickering… or basically any of your maps… specially if it is reflective…
…also roughness goes from 0 to 1 (non to fully) so 3 kinda makes no sense…

Hello, i fix the normal map which was very excessive I admit it. Same thing about the roughness. I change the mesh for an old one, without hole, a very simple basic mesh. You can see the sparkles are still here, it’s not a big problem but i want to find the issue.

I think the problem is coming from my texture which is low quality (412*412). I’m changing for a new one with bigger quality

EDIT : I changed for a new texture (bigger size) and sparkles disapear. I think now I have the solution, search bigger texture on the internet.

Thank you all

UE4, afaik, has Tokvsig normal map filtering which should help this. It generates custom mip mpas to avoid this phenomena, which is called fireflies.

Unfortunately UE4 also renames things from whatever everyone else on the planet uses to it’s own arbitrary stuff for no reason so you can never remember what it’s called. Anyone else remember what this is in UE4?