Bad looking SSR

UE4’s SSR seems quite inferior to most other versions of it, What options are there to improve it? Am using engine version 4.25 Old cryengine demo This random demo Wicked engine
Unity uses a multitude of different options so its not entirely applicable This openGL tutorial
And in ue4, blank new project, You get this blurriness and dark artifacts at the screen’s side when the reflection drops off due to a bug that has been around since engine release version 4.0.2 (Example image given of both 4.25.3 and 4.0.2)

Edit: Also, apparently you need TAA for SSR to work in the first place.

Did you try tweaking the parameters?:

I can get similar results to what i linked, but, that only occurs if i modify the shader files itself by lowering ray count to 1 (Any higher ruins it on mirror surfaces for an unknown reason) and increasing step count to 64. 64 steps obviously is quite costly, and not having 2 or 4 rays really hurts the quality on rough ssr.