Back is at a permanent 90 degree angle?

Below are the details of the error.

The spine is not at a 90 degree angle when the animation sequence is detached, and the spine is at a 90 degree angle in settings and is locked there.

I’m guessing your aim offset is wrongly set/initialised. Your character is, by default, pointing the rifle straight up, rather than forwards. That’s if the bone rotations aren’t causing the problem 9in the 4th image.

The bones are only like that when I attach the Aim Rotation script so what would I do to make the gun move with the camera and the arms?

UPDATE: So I have found that it sets anything to a 90 degree angle without anything but the bone transform. So are there any alternatives to using bone transform?

UPDATE: I have fixed the error. I just had to set it to component space and add to existing with Control rotation.