Babylon project (provisional name)

Aw man. I’ve been losing a lot of your posts. The tavern is great. I’d love to start a bar fight now on it!

Hey, the bar fight was a surprise!

I knew it :smiley:

More work on the tavern:

Haha his smile XD

Awesome, OMG boobs physics it;s such a win… lol

Where? :rolleyes:

His smile tells everything.

It’s a bad idea… to bother the soldiers.

Fantastic Mate.

Your NPC’s seem to have a life! Excellent work.

Also, I think you should listen to your fans on IndieDB and release a demo for people test the game, this way you will increase engagement of players.

Trust me bro, release a demo is the best thing you can do for your game.

I released a demo for my game, and in 3 months it is reaching 750 downloads, each day people download my game’s demo:…sque/downloads

This first demo I called it Headshots Demo, as it only teaches the player the combat mechanics and how the headshots mechanics work.

I am also finishing another Demo, with a lot of improvements (more balanced difficulty, new mechanics, first person view) which I will call “Infiltration Demo”. This will have a example mission of the Campaign Game Mode (because the first demo was only about killing the enemies) which will tell the players how the mission objectives system works on my game (Campaign mode).

These two demos will be enough until I release the full game in January 2021.

I think you should make kinda tutorial demo, with some on screen instructions for the player learn how your game’s mechanics work. This way you will get people hyped and excited about the full game.

Good luck!

This is beginning to look like ‘real life’…:smiley:
Militarized police/violent clampdowns…
Only 1 citizen seems to have a mask…
And no observance on limits of crowds…
How do I REPORT all these violations? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :slight_smile:
Nidal, my goal is to finish a demo, but I still don’t have clear what to do, if include the first missions and then have the players wait until the final game, or make some mini game inside the map, a fight in a coliseum or something like that. For the moment I’m finishing things and fixing bugs.

Enterprise :smiley: (I thought to make some video joke with the masks, but the situation is serious and not timely, I think).

Coliseum ! it’s simple and good. ??? Campaign you need a solid core which I have no idea if you do…

This are just ideas to help, do whatever you want… I’m sure that you have something hidden and innovative that you will do, do you ?

Some screenshots at dawn:

Wonderful scenery. :slight_smile:

Characters in dark enviroments with no lightenviroment component looks good.

But a good graphic card is required.

wohoo finally updates on your game !

Some new images for the new forum, which seems to have some little problem with the old images …

Flawless upgrade by Epic - not! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: What are your plans for the buildings dude, are there still placeholders in there? Some look a little too contemporary (too square / too perfect)… But as you’ve also shown off sumerian sci-fi gameplay before, maybe this is a retro-futuristic city?

@CobaltUDK did you place all of the buildings manually? Or did you run some kind of script (like in a brush) that placed all of the buildings?