bAbsoluteRotation not showing up in blueprint editor

I have a Character that has a SkeletalmeshComponent as the child of the Character’s SkeletalMeshComponent.

For the child, I wish to set bAbsoluteRotation to true. Upon looking up the UPROPERTY settings for bAbsoluteRotation I see the following:

	UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, AdvancedDisplay, BlueprintReadWrite, ReplicatedUsing=OnRep_Transform, Category=Transform)
	uint8 bAbsoluteRotation:1;

So here we can see that it should be under the AdvancedDisplay of the Transform category and that it should be editable because of EditAnywhere. However if I go to the blueprint editor, click on the child SkeletalMeshComponent, its Transform category has no arrow to drop down an advanced display.

Now you might be thinking well big deal. Just call SetAbsoluteRotation in BeginPlay. Yes that works, but the problem I have is if I set bAbsoluteRotation to true in the constructor in C++, the blueprint still saves its version of false. Since I can’t click to revert it to default in the editor (because it doesn’t show up), I am forced to remake the blueprint so that it starts with the C++ defaults.

Why can’t I see the advanced details portion of the Transform category for a SkeletalMeshComponent?