Axis locked rotate to face player. How would you do this?

How would you rotate an object to face the player, on a specific local axis?
I suppose i want something similar to grass or tree billboards, but in a blueprint rather than a shader.

Hi man,
You just need to apply the right rotation at every tick, ( to rotate the blueprint toward the player )
to get the rotation you need, you can use the node FindLookatrotation

You just need to get the world-location of A, and the world location of B
This will give you a rotation to use on A, to look at B.

​​hmm, i tried this.

Its doesn’t work properly though, any ideas why? it sortof half works, in that the plane tries to face the camera on the x - axis, but the rotation amount isnt right.

ah, i was just being silly. i think i got it working properly now. Thanks @Est_engine