Originally my “Player” was a character but it seems like a bad fit so i thought vehicle would be better, is it a good idea to derive from AWheeledVehicle Class?

Characters are ideally meant for humanoid entities in the world (those which can walk, run, jump and crouch etc.). As the name suggests, AWheeledVehicle is meant to for vehicles.

It is perfectly acceptable to derive a class from it, if you want custom functions/properties on the actor. But if you have a vehicle in your game as your controlled pawn, then deriving from a Character actor makes no sense.

You didn’t state what your entity is, but seeing as you suggested that vehicle would be better then I am assuming it is a vehicle so deriving from AWheeledVehicle makes sense :slight_smile:

my player is basically a wheeled robot, i used character because it had movement already, pawn doesnt as far as i can tell so im trying to switch the players class to Awheeledvehicle but im having some issues.

i cant seem to just change from ACharacter to AWheeledVehicle im not sure what the correct include should be (instead of GameFramework/Character) and some of my blueprints cause a crash before the project will load

and im trying to derive a c++ class from vehicle wheel rather than just a blueprint.

okay one of my posts disappeared, basically do you know the proper #include path for AWheeledVehicle.h?


You need to have the PhysXVehicles Plugin enabled (should be enabled by default already), then it should just be:

#include "PhysXVehicles/WheeledVehicle.h"

// or possibly

#include "Runtime/PhysXVehicles/WheeledVehicle.h"

I managed to get it working, i deleted the A before wheeled vehicle. only issue was my blueprint (after re parenting ) would not show skeletal meshes at all so i had to create a new one and copy everything over.

Thanks for the help.