Automation for spawning actors

I’m looking for thoughts and assistance from the community with creating some automation.
My objective is to be able to read a file on startup that contains a simple list of actors (with actor class, location and rotation) and place them in the world automatically. The actors can be prebuilt. I don’t want to build them from scratch each time unless I have to.

I’ve gone through the documentation, tutorials and numerous YouTube videos but there seems to always be a gap where I run into “… meanwhile back in the editor.” :slight_smile: Then, I have to drag the actor into the scene automatically. I want to programmatically do that on startup.

  • Where would I place the code to read my file and initiate the spawns?
  • Do I need to create a “spawner” actor? (as described in some samples I’ve seen)
  • Can I read a file and spawn actors through the editor instead of C++?
  • What approach do you recommend?

I greatly appreciate your help.
Thank you