Automating Destructible Meshes from a random selection of objects


I’m building a zero gravity/space debris simulation using objects randomly downloaded from online. Right now I have 25 random objects set up as destructible meshes with a BP causing them to explode on begin play. What I want to know is if there is a way to automate and randomise the process of importing new objects and setting them up as destructible/explode on begin play so a new random object spawns into the scene and explodes every few minutes. Ideally the script would select a new mesh from a folder which would have new random 3d files added to it constantly by another script I already have set up. The whole scene should have an upper limit of objects that could be adjusted and would delete old meshes in order of the length of time they had existed in the scene.

Is it possible to spawn new content into a packaged project? I imagine this involves server/client stuff but am not sure how to go about finding out. If anyone could help me phrase this question better or has any ideas it would be much appreciated.

So you want new debris to spawn in after a certain amount of time?

right. new debris from new random objects spawning at intervals from a folder of .obj files that is being added to in realtime. is this possible?