Automatic project build

Currently we’re running into issues on our project with the designers having to rebuild project binaries because something got missed in a checkin for the project source. I was thinking of setting up a Perforce trigger to automate the build process, and then have that checked back into Perfoce so we don’t have to worry about version issues.

Currently I have Jenkins setup with a Perforce trigger to build the project (which works), but I’m a bit lost on how to structure the Perforce depot. My current thought is to have a ‘C++ dev stream’ and a ‘designers dev stream’ that both split off the ‘main stream’, then have Jenkins build the project every time I copy the changes from the ‘C++ dev stream’ to the ‘main stream’, and then checkin those changes back to the ‘main stream’ so they can be merged down into the ‘designers dev stream’. However this seems a bit more complex than it should be.

I was wondering if anyone has set something similar up and could give some guidance, or if there is a better way to fix this issue.