Automatic Instalaltion? Possible to include it in an image?

i work for an animation studio and we will use UE5 for a project in the near future. I wonder what the most efficient way to deploy UE5 on multiple machines is?
I saw the documentation for the academic installation and guess that i could do this, to some degree. (Academic Installation of Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation)

Are there any other ways? Did somebody here try to include it in an image? If so, did that work? Some programs don’t play well when included in an image since they don’t update the variables taken from the original machine (like license or the hostname).

Edit: I am not too sure what is meant by this part in the documentation: "After removing all of the automatically-created projects, you can mirror this machine’s setup to the rest of your class’s computers. Alternatively, you can save this machines image so that you can distribute it out to your lab’s computers. "

What is mirroring in this context? A mirror of the HDD/path of the UE5 installation to another machine? Or are they actually talking about images which would answer a part of my question, i guess?

Thank you!