Autocad level to UE4

I made a map on AutoCad 2016 how can I converted to UE4? If I converted with .fbx the map stays in one piece on UE4.

Epic is working on a method to import multiple actors/components from one single FBX but currently, every FBX is imported in UE4 as a single static mesh actor.

Anyway, from Autocad, you are right, the logic route is to convert to fbx before importing to UE4.

To get it so its not one massive mesh, you will have to export in smaller parts of your model. (for example if the map is just a small building, 4 walls and a roof. export each wall and roof individually. North, west, south, east and roof) I don’t remember if AutoCAD will allow you to adjust the objects pivot like 3DS max can. If you can, make sure the pivot is set to 0,0,0. And DONT move the pivot or any part of the model during export. Now export your model in small parts, one section at a time. After importing to UE, if you place all the imported meshes in to a map, set each meshes location to 0,0,0. If done correctly, you will have reassemble your model in UE



File>Import Scene